Of the world's 12 Highest paid DJs, guess how many are women?

So a friend of mine just posted this article on facebook:


I thought I'd check out the list- and unsurprisingly, but maddeningly, not one of the DJs on that list is a woman. I replied to the the facebook message and immediately regretted my decision.

  • ME: And not a single woman on that list . I nominate me some tokimonsta. She should be making bank
  • FRIEND: how about they up their game?

This is where I rolled my eyes so hard they almost fell out, and also knew immediately that this would devolve into some epic facebook flamewar bullshit that I wouldn't be able to walk away from, because DAMNIT if someone doesn't point out the sexism than we'll keep just pretending things are normal.

  • ME: Yeah and the pay gap is definitely because women just don't work as hard...Come now, the music industry is sexist as shit.
  • FRIEND: hard work doesnt equal success with anything as subjective as music
  • ME: yes, sexism is entirely subjective. that's the point...
  • FRIEND: what?
  • ME: Hard work =/= payoff because of sexism. How difficult is that to understand?
  • FRIEND: hard work doesnt equal success because taste in music is subjective. lots of people put in the hours but never achieve fame and riches
  • ME: But, disproportionately, those people seem to be WOMEN. Technically, if this was NOT about sexism, the odds of you achieving fame should be 50/50 if you're a woman, since we're 50% of the population. Otherwise what you're saying is that men just make better music in general.

Let's deconstruct this for a second, shall we? This is the typical excuse that's offered up for the pay gap, the lack of female representation in government/Fortune 500 CEO's/Lollapalooza's lineup: women just aren't as good as men, that's why they're not there. I think part of this excuse comes from the just world hypothesis: we wished that we lived in a just world, so if we see misfortune, we attribute the misfortune to the character of the person experiencing it, not to the general shitty unfairness of society/the world. The hobo on the street is lazy, not mentally ill/discriminated against. Women aren't good musicians, not barred the opportunity to have their talent recognized because of institutionalized sexism in the music industry.

I'm tired of this shitty logic. It gets spouted everywhere to explain away structural inequality, from racism to sexism to homophobia. Can we just please stop this nonsense already?


I leave you with this cat.

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